Randy Weaver
Quality Excellent
After casual biking for a while, I decided to get a high quality road bike. I've known
friends who have bought from Markee's in the years past, and they said good
things about them, so I decided to see what they had to offer. They mainly sell
Specialized bikes (all lines of them) but they do sell other brands as well. The sales
floor was stocked with a lot of bikes to look at, it was great. I found a bike that I liked
but it was a bit out of my price range. After working with the owner (very knowledgeable)
he gave me a deal I couldn't refuse.  I'd highly recommend this shop (as well as the
Richland location) for anyone shopping for a bike.
Jamie Schmelzer
Quality Excellent
I went into Markee's today to get my bike fit, and WOW, the service was excellent!
He went above and beyond! I bought my road bike from a chain store back in
January and didn't want to go back there because I knew they wouldn't know
how to fit it for me. After riding for the past 3 months (having made adjustments
to my bike myself, which was stupid since I am a relative beginner:)) I finally
decided it was time to get fit, so I randomly picked Markee's and made an
appointment. I made an excellent choice! I so wish I had called them back in
March when I started riding!!! He is very knowledgeable and has years worth of
experience to work from. He really took care of me. He made a lot of adjustments
and I am anticipating a less painful ride and possibly a little faster avg pace.
He explained to me the causes and solutions to some of the pain I have been
experiencing. I was just there to get fit, but it turned out my bike also needed some
tuning. He took the extra time to tune it. If I could do it all over again, I would have
just gone to Markee's in the first place and bought my bike there and gotten it
tuned and fit by someone who knows what he's doing!! I am sure this would have
saved me a lot of pain and slow riding! I definitely recommend them if you want
quality service! I will be going back!
Don Cougar
Quality Excellent
Excellent. I knew nothing about Bikes and Kenny made recommendations based
on what I wanted to do. After a great ride, I was curious and checked out the make,
model and price online. Everything I read indicated the bike I purchased was
appropriate for my intended use and I paid no more than manufacturers suggested
retail. Its great to find a local business owner who is knowledgeable and honest.
Markee's is a great alternative to box store shopping.
majorsmx majors
Quality Excellent
Wow! Thank you staff at Markees, from the moment we walked through the door to
the time I stepped out of the door with the perfect road bike! Being a Noobie to road
bikes, I had so many questions and Kenny handled them like a pro! I will be back for
sure....THANK YOU Markees
Alex Nelson
Quality Excellent
Great Shop, Fantastic customer service with the best selection of bike products
in town. I love the personal and professional service that I have received when I
shop here. The knowledge of the people who work here is high (they know there
stuff). They also do a great job explaining how to fix or replace different parts.
Overall AWESOME Bike shop would recommend to any of my friends or family.
Randy Weaver
Quality Excellent
I had a department store bike, rode it for 4 months, and decided to get it
professionally tuned up. I brought it to Markee's in Richland and even though it
wasn't the high end type of bike they normally work with, they weren't condescending
at all and were a pleasure to work with.  The bike performed so much better after
the tune up that I now tell everyone else to go there if they want any work done.
The staff is very helpful, the store is clean, they have a good inventory of bikes
and some accessories too. I highly recommend them.
Lance Kindle
Quality Excellent
Helped me out in finding a new tube and tire for my roadbike. When I (regrettably)
got a nail stuck in that same tire, they sold me some patches and tire repair tools.
Good prices as far as I know.
Sean Bullock
Quality Excellent
Appreciated the help this afternoon fixing flats on both front and back. Adjusted
breaks and gears at no extra charge. Friendly. Helpful.
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